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Song: Animal Families
Sung to the tune of "Over in the Meadow"
Step 1
"Animal Families"

Way out on the prairie
In the grass and the sun
Lived an old mother bison
And her little calf, one.
“Graze!” said the mother.
“I graze!” said the one.
So they grazed all day
In the grass and the sun.


High up in the mountains
Where the stream runs blue
Lived an old mother bear
And her little cubs, two.
“Fish!” said the mother.
“We fish!” said the two.
So they fished all day
Where the stream runs blue.


Far out in the forest
In a big oak tree
Lived an old mother crow
And her little crows, three.
“Caw!” said the mother.
“We caw!” said the three.
So they cawed all day
In the big oak tree.


Over by the ocean
On the rocky seashore
Lived a mother seagull
And her little gulls, four.
“Fly” said the mother.
“We fly!” said the four.
So they flew all day
Near the rocky seashore.


Down by the river
Where the catfish dive
Lived an old mother otter
And her little pups, five.
“Swim!” said the mother.
“We swim!” said the five.
So they swam all day
Where the catfish dive.


- Jennifer Bové

Step 2
Are you unfamiliar with this tune?

Visit kids.niehs.nih.gov. On this site, you can hear “Over in the Meadow” and many other children’s tunes.

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