Rock Your Green Wish with the Movie SHORTS Sweepstakes

This summer, the National Wildlife Federation teamed up with the movie SHORTS! and FTL Solar to introduce the international Eco-Schools program to Americans with the:Eco Schools USA Shorts Sweepstakes

Congratulations to the winners of the sweepstakes! Contestants submitted green wishes for their school for a chance to win.

Grand Prize: Lori W. - Boston Latin School, Massachusetts

  • Green wish: I wish my school could put plants on the roof as well as other green things.

Runner Up: Anicia T. - Pinelake Preparatory, North Carolina

  • Green wish: I wish my school could have more walking trails so we could enjoy recess outside.

Runner Up: Janice B. - Boston Latin School, Massachusetts

  • Green wish: I wish my school could get a toilet that saves water by using less when waste is not a lot, and uses more water when there is more waste.

Runner Up: Joey G. - Southern Elementary, Pennsylvania

  • Green wish: I wish my school could recycle cans in the classrooms.

Runner Up: Marissa L. - Boston Latin School, Massachusetts

  • Green wish: I wish my school could contribute to reducing global warming.

Some additional green wishes submitted include:

  • I wish that we would have a "no idle" zone in front of my school. I want cars and buses to turn off their engines if they are stopped.
  • I wish we had more bicycle racks at our school to encourage kids to bike to school.
  • I wish my school would get rid of Styrofoam lunch trays and replace them with reusable plastic ones.
  • I wish for the protection and health of our one tree left on the playground.
  • I wish my school could use solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity to light and cool our classrooms.
  • I wish we could have an outdoor classroom for biology on the roof, like a green roof.

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Directed by Robert Rodriguez, SHORTS is an action adventure comedy that follows a mysterious rainbow-colored rock, which grants wishes to anyone who holds it. Before long, wishes-gone-wrong have left the neighborhood swarming with tiny spaceships, crocodile armies and outrageous magical mayhem, and a group of loosely connected kids must join forces to save their town from itself. Find out more about National Wildlife Federation's partnership with the movie SHORTS!

To see the movie trailer go to © 2009 Warner Bros. Ent. Inc.

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