Offset Your Carbon Footprint with NativeEnergy

You can offset your carbon footprint with NativeEnergy carbon offsets and help the fight against global warming. NativeEnergy is a proud supporter of NWF's conservation and education programs.

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National Wildlife Federation chose NativeEnergy as our carbon offset partner. Why should you?

  • NativeEnergy's high quality offsets help fund the construction of specific carbon reducing projects (such as new renewable energy, fuel efficiency, and conservation) that need this financing to succeed.
  • By purchasing a share of a project's long-term offsets, you help fix a market failure that is preventing the development of many important projects.
  • NativeEnergy helps create sustainable economic benefits for Native Americans, family farmers and local communities.
  • And, NativeEnergy is a proud supporter of National Wildlife Federation's mission to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.


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