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Four Part Series:  Gardening with wildlife
  • Getting Started: Gardening with Wildlife in Mind. Learn how to assess your garden to see if it is providing the basic needs of wildlife and how to take some simple steps to make your garden wildlife friendly.
  • Designing for Beauty, Food and Wildlife. We will share landscaping ideas for shade, sun and part-sun gardens; how to combine vegetable gardening with gardening for wildlife; and ideas for creating gardens that are beautiful year-round.
    (Special Guest Presenter: John Magee, Magee Designs)
  • Sustainable Gardening: Gardening Ideas for Improving Your Garden. Climate-smart gardening is something every gardener should consider. Learn about composting, how to deal with "pests" in a positive way, and some additional ways to "green" your garden.
  • Gardening as Family Time: Exploring Your Garden with Your Children. We have lots of fun ideas for adding kid-friendly and fun elements to your garden. Learn about gardens designed by kids for kids and 30 fun-filled activities to explore your garden throughout the seasons. 
    (Special Guest Presenter:  Zsofia Pasztor, Innovative Landscaping Technologies)

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