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World of Birds
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The Eurasian magpie is the only bird known to recognize itself in a mirror, the American robin eats an average of sixty-eight worms each day, and flamingos are pink because of the shrimp and algae they eat. Fascinating facts like these feather this almanac of over one hundred birds, offering hours of aviary education. Young ornithophilics will enjoy the accurate and firendly illustrations, engaging biological and cultural trivia, and immersive layout of each two-page spread.

World of Birds introduces kids ages 7 through 12 to more than 120 different species of birds in their native environments, with detailed illustrations and exciting, memorable information from Kim Kurki and the experts at the National Wildlife Federation.

American Goldfinch

World of Birds is arranged by habitat and identifies more than 100 birds. Kim Kurki's engaging and highly accurate illustrations give kids a true and close-up appreciation of each bird species, such as its size, shape, color, and markings, as well as its habitat, call, and behavior. Kids will learn to recognize the birds by their individual characteristics, such as the male cardinal¹s distinctive crest, the kestrel's helicopter hover, and the goldfinch's enchanting song. You'll also discover what makes each bird amazing, including which is the fastest flier, which lays the biggest egg, and which spends years of its life in the water, never touching land. The excellent illustrations, nontechnical language, and fascinating facts throughout make this an ideal guide for beginner bird-watchers—of any age!

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Kim Kurki

Kim Kurki

Kim Kurki has been fascinated by nature since childhood. Working as an artist for more than 30 years, she has focused on the natural world, including illustrations for The Old Farmer's Almanac and National Wildlife Federation's Your Big Backyard magazine. She lives in Penns Park, Pennsylvania where she is lulled to sleep at night by hooting owls.

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See how many you can find! Download our Backyard Birds Checklist!

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