Congress, The Corps of Engineers and the Future of America's Water Resources

03-01-2004 // Kate Costenbader, Steve Ellis, David Conrad
Crossroads: Congress, The Corps of Engineers, and the Future of America's Water Resources Report Cover

Crossroads: Congress, The Corps of Engineers, and the Future of America's Water Resources

Across the nation, hundreds of water projects are being planned and constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Many of these projects pose serious harm to wildlife, sensitive natural resources, and our quality of life, often at significant and unnecessary taxpayer expense. These projects continue despite credible and mounting evidence of numerous flaws in project designs and economic justification, and a growing concern for the price they will extract. The fact that damaging and wasteful proposals continue to receive federal funds and are proceeding is a dramatic testament to the need to overhaul the Corps of Engineers.

The agency that has changed the course of America's mightiest rivers must now itself change. The Corps must cease to be a tool for lawmakers to bring home pork-barrel projects for special interests, and instead become an agency that works towards a more environmentally and economically sustainable America.

This report provides a blueprint for that essential reform. It also provides new information on the Corps' most wasteful water projects, illustrating the true toll they take on people and places and the need to stop all of these wasteful projects.

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