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Grey Herons

We've Got Your Winners!

Winners for the 44th Annual National Wildlife Photo Contest have been announced. Selected from more than 29,000 entries, these images capture and highlight the beauty of wildlife and nature.

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Photo of the Week

Emperor Penguin

See Our Favorite Photos

Each week, our editors choose a favorite nature photo to share with our readers. Check out our Photo of the Week, selected from the 2013 Photo Contest entries.

Caption Contest


Got Captions?

Check out some of our favorite photos of animals with attitude. Enter our monthly contest and see our latest winner and runners-up.

Photo Tips

Ice Crystals

10 Tips for Winter Photography

It's getting colder and colder! Keep these tips in mind when photographing wildlife this winter.

Photo Gallery

Sweet gum in autumn

Our Favorite Fall Photos

Autumn is such a stunning season for photography, we wanted to share some of the most popular fall-themed Photo Of The Week picks!

Final Frame

Arctic Terns


A tiny Arctic tern bites off more fish than he can swallow in this feeding-frenzy photo!

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