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Wild Stallion Herding His Mares
Photographer: Patrick F. Brennan Jr.
Location: Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado
I was poised at the bottom of slope near where we had observed other wild horse bands come rushing in from the range to a large waterhole and had the perfect angle to capture this dramatic action shot. One of the social activities that the wild Mustang horses partake in when the different Mustang bands are grazing or watering in proximity to each other and - is for a lead stallion of a band to show the other stallions his prowess and skill of handing his mares, offspring and getting them to move where he wants them to go. In this case- the stallion we call Benson entered the pond area at a fast gallop all around the pond before picking out a spot for his band to take on water at the pond. Often he will have to fight another stallion for such a \spot.
Digital Alterations: 
In Light Room Crop, Sharpening and some darker contrast.
Camera Information: Canon EOS 60 D with Canon 18-135 mm Telephoto Lens
Special Equipment: