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Snaking Wild Mustang Style
Photographer: Patrick F. Brennan Jr.
Location: Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado
Many species in wildlife do a thing called "Snaking" In the wild Mustang wold the lead stallion lowers his head as low as he can and uses it to direct his mares and offspring in the direction he wants them to go. Got this shot by kneeling behind the cover of a large Sage Bush at the bottom of a slight hill I have also seen this behavior of "Snaking" with wild Canadian geese and sometimes this posture is used as a signal before attacking a foe and doing battle.
Digital Alterations: 
Using Light Room with attached Alien Skin Edit 4 color focus and sharpening tool
Camera Information: Canon EOS 60D with 18 to 135 mm Canon Telephoto Lens
Special Equipment: