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Lion Cub
Photographer: Marian Herz
Location: Tanzania, Ndutu NCA
We heard about a female lion with two small cubs on the radio. When we arrived at the location we found them under a tree and surrounded by grass and shrubs. There was just one opening in the grass so we jockeyed position and were able to park near that spot. We then waited for the action. The cubs and mom were sleeping. Finally the cubs woke up and started to play. This cub kept trying to climb the tree, but was not successful. Shooting conditions were difficult as the cubs were in the shade and surround by plants. Finally one of the cubs came to a relatively open area and I was able to get the shot.
Digital Alterations: 
crop, sharpen, saturation, contrast, brightness
Camera Information: Nikon D610, Nikon 300mm f2.8 lens with 2X teleconverter
Special Equipment: