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Full Curl Bighorn Ram Portrait
Photographer: Brent Paull
Location: Yellowstone National Park
Photographed in warm light near sunset on Mt. Everts in the autumn in Yellowstone National Park. This full curl ram made a striking portrait with the horn shadow on his head matching the silhouetted horn on the far side. It was a slow, tough climb to reach this herd of pre-rut rams. After several hours of grazing on the steep slopes this ram walked to the ridgeline and bedded down allowing me to take this portrait image.
Digital Alterations: 
Levels, sharpened, and slight noise reduction from the scan of the original slide.
Camera Information: Nikon F5 body, 500 f4 lens, ASA 64 Kodachrome, f8 and no recorded shutter speed, tripod. Scanned from Film.
Special Equipment: