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Wild Horse Stallion's "King of the Hill"
Photographer: Patrick F. Brennan Jr.
Location: Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado
This photo was taken on a hill above one of the larger waterholes at Sand Wash Basin. The Buckskin we call Prancer- the Mustang on the left and the other we call Cherokee. Prancer had just acquired his first mare a few days before. Just prior to this shot being taken he was drinking with his mare when he noticed that the paint stallion was coming over the hill with his large band and Prancer raced up to challenge the oncoming stallion. I and several other wild horse photographers have been photographing this herd for over five years now and we set up just out of the way from where the Mustangs enter the waterhole area about an hour before the first bands arrived. This photo has won three previous national photo awards. 1) 2012 Winter Peoples Choice Award for the National Equestrian Magazine-Sidelines 2) Peoples Choice Award for the 2013 Winter National Equine Professional Photographers Association- Professional Photographer's Division 3) Professional Photographers Judging Panel of the National Equine Photographers Association Ranked this image in 6th place for the Professional Photographers Division. This image appeared in both the above mentioned organizations printed and web publications the year that the photo awards were given. The image also appeared in a follow-up Article in the national equestrian magazine-Sidelines in July 2013.
Digital Alterations: 
Sharpening, contrast and some color adjustment
Camera Information: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XI with a 75-300 mm Canon Telephoto Lens
Special Equipment: