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Bobcat Cubs
Photographer: diana berkofsky
Location: SW Florida
Cubs enjoying a playful morning in our front yard. We had a few inches of rain now for about a week. I saw a Great Egret fishing for tadpoles down by our swale. I went outside to take pictures of the bird and it flew away. I noticed a big bobcat right away hiding behind a palm tree being that it had been raining for a week now the grass was pretty high. I told my husband see the bobcat and we noticed little fuzzballs coming out of the high grass. My hubby said look at the bunnies running around near the bobcat. I said those are not bunnies there cubs. They were so tiny and rolling all over the place. A rare sight in my eyes and a blessed one too.
Digital Alterations: 
cropped nikon 300 mm len
Camera Information: Nikon 5100
Special Equipment: