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The Land of the Tiger
Photographer: Nirmalya Chakraborty
Location: Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
The grasses moved as a cub slowly threaded her way through the bamboo shrubs to the water’s edge. She silently stood, gave a look at the langurs alert in the trees & stooped for a drink. She was thirsty & lapped water steadily with his long rough tongue. Unable to resist a cooling temptation, her mom also sat up. Her advances from the bamboo shade were clearly visible from the swishing undergrowth. She reached the waterhole, stared at her daughter & dipped herself. Her happiness was clear in her closed eyes as she relaxed every part of her stretched body in water. Soon, others also joined in. Three kids walked towards the pool. The last cub was a homely & pampered female. She gave a cozy hug to all her brothers & sister as she entered the water & sat with an intimate contact with her mom. Then the huge tiger appeared. He was the father- king of Kakarghat. Unafraid he gave a daring look with his mesmerizing amber eyes, hypnotizing his entire environment. The family bath had begun! Tiger's socialism do occur. Male tigers roam their territories & visit tigress & cubs that they meet during their patrol. They share the same kills & really tolerate sub adults cubs that is evident in this image. Even male sub adult tigers mix well with their fathers, share space in the kills. 'Secret Life of Tigers' by Valmik Thapar also hints at many such incidents in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. This image is a snapshot of an entire drama worth of 90mins duration... shot in a corner of Kolsa, Tadoba Tiger Reserve. The entire family of 6 slept-drank-played-bathed-tried to hunt together.
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Camera Information: Sony DSC HX1
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