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Photographer: Subhash Purohit
Location: in my backyard
THE BUGS MATING-In rain in our area many small insects are seen in my backyard like these bugs.These are very tiny creatures nicely colored in red.Here they are seen in mating action which is the breeding time of most of them.A nice image showing the behavior of the insects and even though they are very tiny,the image shows all their body parts clearly.To shoot such tiny insects very steady hand is necessary for a sharp image like this one and also need very keen eye sight to locate them.Here these insects are on a green leaf in contrast to their red color making them eye catching.The actual mating action is nicely captured making this a nice behavioral image of the insects.
Digital Alterations: 
only cropped and saturated.
Camera Information: shot with Canon Powershot A 550 compact camera. f/2.6,1/60sec.,ISO 80.
Special Equipment: