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Photographer: Subhash Purohit
Location: in my backyard
A SLIMWAIST WASP PREPARING ITS MUD NEST-The image shows a slim waist wasp with a ball of mud with which she makes her mud nest to lay eggs.Here her position is nicely captured while she is in action showing all her body parts clearly which is very difficult to shoot.These actions are very uncertain hence a long wait for the right moments is needed along with the patience.Here in the image the mud nest which the wasp has built is also seen nicely producing all the drama of the moment.These wasps usually build such nests in out of reach parts of the backyard making them even more difficult to shoot,but all the efforts taken are fruitful with such nice image.
Digital Alterations: 
cropped, saturated,sharpened.
Camera Information: shot with Canon Powershot A 550 compact camera.f/2.6,1/13th sec,ISO 400. f/2.6,1/60sec.,ISO 80.
Special Equipment: