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Photographer: Subhash Purohit
Location: in my backyard at kolhapur.
A WASP TAKING BIRTH-A view of a hive of a very tiny wasp which measures about a centimeter.In the image seen a tiny wasp taking birth from the cell of the hive.The duration of the process until the wasp takes birth is about 15 days.In the image seen the fully grown wasp is coming out of the cell tearing off the upper cover.A very emotional moment to observe and shoot.The locations of these wasps are usually out of sight and need a keen eye to find it from the movements of other wasps.After finding the location it is a very difficult job to wait for the exact moment like this to occur.This needs patience and long wait,but all efforts are forgotten when such usually out of sight shots are made.In the image the wasp is seen with all its body parts clearly,the eyes, the antennas and its front legs.Half of its body is still in the cell.The broken cell is also nicely seen helping this dramatic image eye catching.
Digital Alterations: 
Camera Information: shot with Canon Powershot A 550 compact camera. f/2.6,1/20 sec.,ISO 200
Special Equipment: