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Photographer: Subhash Purohit
Location: Jamnagar Bird Sanctuary - Gujrath-India
COOTS RUNNING ON WATER-Coots are a kind of ducks which usually live in wetlands.They are very afraid of any movement around and urn away in a typical way as seen in the image.These Coots run on water splashing it.It looks very funny and entertaining.These Coots usually seen in big groups hence all the event is very enjoyable.Every bird in the group makes a line in water while running which is very eye catching.The drama of the event is nicely shot in the image.
Digital Alterations: 
color saturation,cropped.
Camera Information: shot with Canon EOS 1000D camera with Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens. f/11,1/500 sec,ISO 800
Special Equipment: