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Bald Eagle
Photographer: Dawn Wilson
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Bald eagles descend on Colorado each winter in search of open water, longer hours of daylight and better weather than their colder climates further north. I had thought this particular eagle was migrating through so it was strange to still see her in the area in March. The day this photo was taken I saw her with nesting material. She is a new resident of Colorado. So she has claimed this pond as her, and her mate's, fishing hole. And she is great at fishing. I saw the ripples in the water where a fish was swimming close to the surface. I barely had enough time to get the camera set up before she flew in, grabbed the fish and skimmed across the surface with fish in talons in front of me.
Digital Alterations: 
Adjustments to cropping, noise reduction, sharpening, contrast, shadows and highlights, and spot removal.
Camera Information: Nikon D3s, Nikon 500mm lens
Special Equipment: