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Wild Mustang Royalty "Corona the Magnificent"
Photographer: Patrick F. Brennan Jr.
Location: Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado
I waited for almost 30 minutes after hiking through sage brush and rough terrain for 2 miles- with a telephoto lens for this beautiful stallion to lift his head from grazing. This particular stallion likes to graze with his many mares and offspring surrounding him- I was just about to give up when he popped his head up and looked straight at me. Even though we call him Corona- sometimes we refer to him as "Fabio of Sand Wash Basin" because of his beautiful curly wavy mane.
Digital Alterations: 
Sharpening, contrast and enhancing through Adobe Light Room
Camera Information: Canon EOS 60D with 100 - 300 mm Canon Telephoto Lens
Special Equipment: