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Wild Manes Wild Mustangs
Photographer: Patrick F. Brennan Jr.
Location: Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado
I noticed a couple of bachelor stallions were shadowing one the bands that was lead by one of the older- battle hardened lead stallions. My experience in photographing wild Mustang horses over the past 5 years told me that this particular stallion would react to the young bachelors if they breeched a distance of somewhere between 60 to 100 yards. Positioning for battle action shots with wild horses is key in getting good shots. I picked an angle that I thought would be in line the possible upcoming fight. I moved toward that angle very cautiously and stood still at a safe distance and waited to see if my calculation would give me the shot I was hoping for. After another 10 minutes of waiting the bachelor stallion's crossed that older stallion's comfort zone- and he raced over to engage the intruders on the line that I had anticipated. Sometimes it works out.
Digital Alterations: 
Cropping,Contrast in Light Room with attached Alien Skin Exposure 4 Tool- Sharpen Radius 25
Camera Information: Canon EOS Digital 60D with Canon 18-135 mm Telephoto Lens
Special Equipment: