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Fullmoon over Bodensee
Photographer: Manas Khan
Location: Konstanz, Germany
Bodensee is the largest alpine lake that is shared among three countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. From the small south German town Konstanz the lake looks mesmerizing in the springtime, overlooking the Austrian Alps. This was a summer evening while the full moon rose and lit the lake surface while the snowcapped Alps was faintly visible in the moonlight. To capture this captivating scene in the full view, I climbed the rooftop of a ten-story building and took two exposures to blend them later. One exposure was for the moon and the other exposing the rest of the frame.
Digital Alterations: 
Blend of two exposures (HDR)
Camera Information: Canon EOS 7D + Canon EF 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens
Special Equipment: