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Ice Flower
Photographer: Mary Ann Claxton
Location: Field on Cay Lawrence Rd., Buchanan, Henry County, Tennessee
We “discovered” these “ice flowers” in a field south of our house in November, 2012. Since then I have made a point of going out on days when the temperature has been below freezing for much of the night to photograph the extrusions of ice which form on the White Crownbeard plants in our field. “Ice flowers” are actually super cooled water which forms in the stem of the plants and through the physics of capillary action, the expansion of the super cooled water through the pores of the plant and contact with freezing temperature outside, ice crystals form at the point of contact. As more water comes to the surface, more ice crystals form, one after the other until ribbons of ice form. This process continues until the supply of super cooled water is exhausted or the air temperature goes above freezing. The delicate curls can resemble petals of flowers thus the name “Ice Flowers” or “Frost Flowers.”
Digital Alterations: 
Cropped and adjusted contrast
Camera Information: Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-135mm lens at 75mm
Special Equipment: