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Photographer: Brian Call
Location: Stiltsville, Biscayne National Park
This is a newly processed image I took many years ago during my Artist-In_Residence at Biscayne National Park, I was able to stay overnight at several of the houses built on stilts at Stiltsville within the boundary of Biscayne National Park. This image of the sunset was taken from the A-Frame House, which is the oldest of the seven remaining houses built in the 1950's. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to take my tripod, so I was stuck. Fortunately, I resorted to making a tripod using a trash can turned upside down, a box to add more height and a small pillow to rest the camera on. It was a total MacGuiver move using creativity with limited items available at hand and it worked!
Digital Alterations: 
Several sequential and overlapping images were taken and then carefully put together in Photoshop using layers and masks to blend each image together. Dodging and burning techniques used along with adding contrast to optimize the photograph.
Camera Information: Nikon D1x and Nikon 10-24mm lens.
Special Equipment: