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Lion Cubs Playing
Photographer: Marian Herz
Location: Ndutu area of Tanzania
We were on our morning drive when we received word of two small lion cubs with their mom. We raced over to find not only the lions, but also many vehicles. When one vehicle left we were able to position our vehicle by the only opening in the grass, giving us occasional glimpses of the cubs. The cub on the left had been trying to climb the tree but was not successful. He convinced the other cub to try also. The mother came over and the cub on the right looked like she was hoping mom would approve of the activity. It reminds me of kids playing and then hoping they won't get into trouble when mom arrives.
Digital Alterations: 
cropping, sharpness, contrast saturation
Camera Information: Nikon D600, Nikon 28 - 300mm lens, ISO 1600 due to low light
Special Equipment: