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Silhouettes at Sunset-fishing beyond the cattails
Photographer: Sue Lawrence
Location: Aloe Bay on Dauphin Island, AL
I stood among the insect-riddled sand dunes of Aloe Bay's natural marsh area. I was determined to get a beautiful sunset among the cattails, and a few bug bites wasn't gonna stop me. 10 minutes before the sun set, a couple walked on the beach beside me with fishing poles in hand. I called out to the woman and asked if it was okay if I took their picture. When she answered affirmatively, I happily added this fishing couple to my scene. The small windsock in the background (on the left side of the photo) belongs to Dauphin Island's tiny air strip. As the sun set on the marsh and the fishing couple started to leave, I called out again asking if they'd caught anything. Unfortunately, they hadn't. But I'd witnessed a beautiful sunset among the cattails. (This photo could also be in the Landscapes and Plant Life Category)
Digital Alterations: 
Brightness-adjusted by 20% Color saturation-28% Sharpened by 15%
Camera Information: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300, 20.4 Mega pixels
Special Equipment: