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Spiderwort flowers, bud, & leaves
Photographer: Sue Lawrence
Location: Indian Shell Mounds on Dauphin Island, AL
I'd come to the Indian Shell Mounds to photograph migrant birds during their Spring migration, but I couldn't help noticing these bright blue flowers that were everywhere I walked. The leaves were long and folded lengthwise, and several had collected water droplets in the troughs the creased leaves created. Later I did some research and found out how these colorful flowers got their name, Spiderwort--it's because their leaves resemble the long legs of a squatting spider when looking down on the flowers from above. New flowers open every morning, but by noon an enzyme in the flower causes it to decompose and turn the petals into a slimy gel. This occurrence has given the Spiderwort flower alternate names, such as widow's tears, Job's tears, and cow slobber.
Digital Alterations: 
Brightness- 20% Sharpened- 20% (Note: No alteration in color saturation.)
Camera Information: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300, 20.4 mega pixels
Special Equipment: