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Pre-dawn, Natural gas pumping station & Brown Pelicans in formation flying over the jetties
Photographer: Sue Lawrence
Location: Pelican Point on Dauphin Island, AL
Getting up early, I walked along the rocks & sand of the east beach of Dauphin Island, AL (Pelican Point) awaiting the dawn of a new day. As I watched the tide lap against the rock jetties, the lights of the natural gas pumping & filtering stations twinkled in the distance. As the sun was barely lighting the clouds & sky, a single line formation of Brown Pelicans flapped their wings then glided by. I snapped this single photo, managing to capturing 5 of the 8 birds in flight. In this habitat, technology and Nature co-exist. It is Man's responsibility to make sure that consistently high standards of quality are maintained at its natural gas and petroleum/oil industries in order to protect the plant life, as well as the animals above and below sea level in this area and others like it. This is not a one-time promotion, but rather an on-going mission.
Digital Alterations: 
Saturation-adjusted by 20% Sharpened-adjusted 25% (Photo also straightened & cropped)
Camera Information: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300, 20.4 mega pixels
Special Equipment: