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Tiger Tiger Burning Bright
Photographer: Vinod C L
Location: Bandhavagarh National Park, India
It was the second last day of our stay at Bandhavgarh. We already had our share of luck in the form of two sub adult tiger cubs, that too within minutes of our entry into the park. As a photographer I was not satisfied as both of them were seen in the bamboo thicket and could not get a single clear shot. By now we have circled the entire route which was allotted to us and reached the farthest area. Suddenly the guide and the driver noticed fresh pug marks on the track. The pugmarks went towards the thicker part of the jungle. We decided to try our luck here. Soon couple of other jeeps also reached the spot. We heard alarm calls by the Spotted Dears and Langur monkeys coming from a fair distance. Our guide asked the driver to take the jeep in to a narrow track which went up a hill. We reached a point, beyond which it was steep downhill. I was busy looking towards left and right for any movement when I heard the driver saying “Tiger”. He was pointing to the front. There I first saw the head of a tigress. She was coming up hill from the other side of the road. Slowly its entire body came into our full view. She kept walking head on towards our jeep. The driver kept reversing to keep a safe distance from her. By the time she went off the road I have attempted few eye level shots by getting low in the jeep floor. Tigers are nocturnal animals, seeing them in broad day light requires persistence and a fair bit of luck. Seeing and photographing a tiger which is approaching head on is truly an amazing experience.
Digital Alterations: 
Level, Noise reduction, Sharpening
Camera Information: Nikon D5200, Nikkor 200 - 400mm f/4
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