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WaterFall in Iceland
Photographer: jon Glaser
Location: Selajalandsafoss, Iceland
I took this photograph in Iceland at a waterfall called Seljelandsfoss. I was told by previous photographers that the best image was from behind. So, I followed like a "sheep". If I had known what I was in store for, I would never had gone. As I followed the path behind behind the waterfall, I saw a large sheet of water blowing across. I decided to cover up my camera and proceed. I only thought that it was going to be a couple steps to get through.Boy was I wrong! I ended up getting soaked! I even had to take my glasses off to see because the spray was so bad. When I finally got to the other side, I also found out that my Jacket was not waterproof! Ugh! So, trying to make the best of the situation, I set-up for the shot. I pressed the shutter over and over again due to fine mist spray still hitting me. Thank god I had a towel. Well, I got my photograph, packed up the camera and headed back through that wall of water. No, it was not fun repeating the trek and I did not discover how good an image I got until I got home from my trip 6 days later.
Digital Alterations: 
Camera Information: 5D mk III and 16-35 2.8 L
Special Equipment: