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Nesting Hummingbird
Photographer: Maryjane Conti
Location: Backyard - Charlotte, North Carolina
When I first saw the hummingbird's nest, I thought it was made by caterpillars because it was in a tree where we've previously had infestation problems. I told my husband to cut the branch down, but while he went to the garage to get the saw, I heard a buzzing sound. I looked around and saw the hummingbird flying near the branch and realized that it was a nest. I ran inside the house & grabbed my camera, but of course, when I went back outside, the hummingbird was gone, so I just took some pictures of the nest. Eventually, she came back and when she sat on the nest, I couldn't believe my luck! I experimented with a few different settings on my camera and final settled the landscape setting, as it seemed to focus in better on the branch as it was moving gently up and down due to the wind.
Digital Alterations: 
None, other can cropping and removing the date stamp.
Camera Information: Olympus SP-720UZ
Special Equipment: