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Bighorn Sheep Lambs
Photographer: Julie Schultz
Location: Yellowstone National Park
While visiting Yellowstone last June with my aunt we decided to hike along a trail that followed a large canyon. We saw storm clouds in the distance and were not sure how much longer the trail was so we decided to hike up to the top of the hill to try and see where the trail led. Good thing we did because we came across these two beautiful Big Horn Sheep lambs resting beneath a tree on the edge of the cliff. We snapped a few photos and quickly turned around to go back the way we came. At the time we believed that they were Pronghorn since we had seen some nearby. It wasn't until the trip was over that we discovered what we had really come across. We were both happy that we did not come across the protective parents.
Digital Alterations: 
contrast and brightness adjustment, cropping
Camera Information: Nikon D60, 55-300mm lens
Special Equipment: