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American Goldfinch
Photographer: Cheryl Carpenter
Location: Shawnee State Forest, Portsmouth Ohio
After I hike in a hard downpour, the sun came out. The forest and the birds were beaming with color and light. I just got my new camera. This particular bird was very difficult to capture. It moved so quickly through the flora, landing only briefly. I really worked for this shot!
Digital Alterations: 
Only the "Auto Adjust" on Windows 7. It looks cropped, but I don't remember cropping. Although I wouldn't rule that out. If I did, it was last year. The only things I ever do to my photos is up the dpi, auto adjust (as mentioned above) and crop. I did increase the DPI on this photo for my camera only shoots at 180 dpi.
Camera Information: Cannon Power Shot SX50
Special Equipment: