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Brown Bears
Photographer: Scott Cromwell
Location: Katmai - Alaska
I took a half a day trip to view and photograph brown bears in Katmai National Park. The small plane left Homer, AK shortly before the pilot(guide) spotted bears in Hallo Bay fishing for salmon. After circling around and landing on the beach a short distance away from the spotted bears, we walked towards their location and stood in the dried up part of the riverbed close to where they were all feeding. Within a few short minutes, these two walked out in the clearing in between us and the mountains and glacier. One came from the far left side of the river and the other about 300 yds away from the far right. Both were being very vocal, seemingly yelling at each other. They did a roundabout right in front of us, never wavering from their bear talk. Upon meeting up, there was no denying the bond of their friendship. Despite their size difference, they couldn't have been happier to see each other. They reminded me of how two dogs that live with each other play fight. They opened their mouths wide and sounded mean, but they were careful not to bite hard. All of this happening would have been great to witness, but since photography is my passion, all of this happening right in front of the mountains and glacier in good light was a dream come true.
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Camera Information: Canon 40D
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