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The Stream Snake
Photographer: Santosh Saligram
Location: Coorg, India
The Malabar pit viper, Trimeresurus malabaricus, is a beautiful snake that is found in profusion in several colours in the Western Ghats of India. Often found near streams, they are perfectly home in and near water, but favouring feeding on the many frogs that reach a heightened state of activity in the monsoon, they often lie in ambush in coffee plantations, posing a threat to humans. So when we found this beautiful green morph in a coffee bush one day, we gently transferred it to a nearby stream so humans and snakes can both live without conflict. And before it moved away into the forest, we managed one parting shot of the 'stream snake'.
Digital Alterations: 
Levels, colour and contrast adjustments, sharpening IMPORTANT NOTE: The crevice of the rock on the left has been darkened using the Burn tool in Photoshop to hide an umbrella handle that was visible. Please note though that it has NOT been digitally removed.
Camera Information: Nikon D600 digital SLR camera; Tokina 12-24mm f/4 lens
Special Equipment: