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An Adolescent Cheetah
Photographer: Charles Meyer
Location: Phinda, South Africa
When our safari vehicle pulled up to this younger cheetah, I can remember being rather captivated by his glorious eyes. They were this deep, ruby-red tinge and with that, I just knew I had to get out my camera. In addition, the cheetah still had remnants of its youthful mane, a helpful indication of its age. His mother and his brother seemed slightly less fascinated by our group, as they lay resting in the cool, wet grass. This cheetah, however, could not seem to stop staring at us, making him a far most interesting subject to photograph.
Digital Alterations: 
I boosted saturation, contrast, and definition and sharpening slightly, as well as I added a slight vignette to brighten the subject. I also decided to brighten the cheetah's beautiful red eyes a bit.
Camera Information: Canon 60D with Sigma 120-400mm lens
Special Equipment: