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The Shoreline of Erie
Photographer: Alex Bundrick
Location: Lake Erie, Pennsylvania
This past summer my mom, my sister, and I wanted to do a family vacation, and what could possibly be better than driving the corners of the state on Route 6 to Erie? A lot of things could be better, actually. Taxes are better. Stubbing your toe is better. Waking up covered in tarantulas is better. Basically what I'm trying to say is that driving for three days straight in a jeep filled with stir-crazy passengers and no road signs in sight for miles is about as far removed from fun as you can get - until we stood on the endless horizon of Erie's banks, arriving just in time to watch the sun dye the water an array of oranges and reds. That is truly what made the trip worthwhile (that, and the good company, hyperbole aside).
Digital Alterations: 
Contrast increased, shadows mildly enhanced.
Camera Information: Nikon Coolpix P500
Special Equipment: