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Desert Seed - dry lake from the air, Western Australia
Photographer: Paul Williams
Location: North of Perth, Western Australia
Photographed through the window on a commercial flight. I’d noticed this dry lake bed several times whilst flying from Broome to Perth, but the conditions had never been good enough to get a clear shot. On this particular day, I had booked my usual position on the right hand side of the plane and I waited in anticipation. The light was perfect and after 20 minutes, as the flight passed over the lake, I stood up to get an angle looking down through an unscratched section of the perspex window. The image to me evokes a sense of stasis and anticipation, waiting for the rains. Once the rains arrive, like a sprouting seed, the lake will spring alive. Birds will flock to the shore, desert frogs will emerge from deep underground and fish eggs will hatch.
Digital Alterations: 
Increase in black and contrast, saturation and clarity enhancement, sharpening, using Adobe Lightroom.
Camera Information: Canon 7D, ISO 200, 58mm, f6.3, 1/2000
Special Equipment: