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4 wild wolves
Photographer: Meg Sommers
Location: Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
The Lamar Canyon pack had a bison carcass about 200 yards off the road and all 10 had fed that morning and were lounging in the back ground with full bellies. A coyote approached the carcass very warily, instinctively knowing if caught by the wolves it would mean certain death. But the coyote's hunger trumped its fear and it approached. As the coyote fed, we could see these four wolves rise with interest and look at each other with silent understanding of the task at hand. At the very last moment the coyote sprinted towards the road where we were standing with the wolves right behind it. The coyote veered to the left as it reached the crowd watching and the wolves just stopped in their tracks, lining up one behind the other.
Digital Alterations: 
cropping, levels, color correction, sharpening
Camera Information: Canon EOS 7D with Canon 600 mm lens and 1.4 x mounted on a Gitzo tripod and Wimberly head with Really Right Stuff lens brace
Special Equipment: