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Ermine chasing a bushy tailed wood rat
Photographer: Meg Sommers
Location: Confluence, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Sometimes you are just at the right place at the right time. On the cliff top above these two was a nice big horn ram which we had stopped to photograph. Suddenly on the sheer cliff face movement caught our eye. A bushy tailed wood rat (aka pack rat)had appeared and right behind it was an ermine chasing it. I was amazed that either one of them could cling to the vertical rock face and here they were engaged in this life and death struggle. The ermine was incredibly aggressive and would occasionally fall off the rock face and jump right back in again. This took about 10 minutes to play out and the wood rat could never get totally away. Ultimately the ermine caught and killed the wood rat and carried it off to stash it in a stump.
Digital Alterations: 
cropping, levels, color correction, sharpening
Camera Information: Canon EOS 7D with Canon 600 mm lens mounted on a Gitzo tripod and Wimberly head with Really Right Stuff lens brace
Special Equipment: