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Alaskan brown bear
Photographer: Meg Sommers
Location: Kukat Bay, Katmai National Park, Alaska
The Alaskan brown bear is one of the most majestic animals I have ever had the privilege to photograph. This one in particular captures my attention every time I look at it. The eyes are mesmerizing. This bear just happened to be grazing in a meadow we were walking through and it looked up to see who or what was passing by. His expression has no trace of the predator/prey thought process as these bears are not hunted in this area and do not see humans as a food source. His eyes, to me, rather show incredible intelligence, respect and curiosity.
Digital Alterations: 
levels, sharpening
Camera Information: Canon EOS 20D with Canon 100-400 mm lens mounted on a Gitzo tripod and pistol grip head
Special Equipment: