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Nest Building House Finch
Photographer: Dennis Jones
Location: Hummel Park, Plainfield, Indiana
A lot of nesting birds were in my area in early Summer, and I was able to watch a pair of House Finches work on their nest for over an hour. The female was doing the vast majority of material gathering, and it seemed like the males' job was mainly to sit close and sing while she placed the twigs in the nest inside an evergreen. (Maybe his singing was a signal to his mate that there was no danger in the area?) Anyway, when she emerged and went for more material, he would follow her, but never came back with anything himself until at least an hour had passed. And as he waited for her to exit the nest, he still felt the need to sing, even while holding this twig. Quite impressive that he never dropped any of it!
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Camera Information: Nikon D5200, 55-200 Nikkor Lens
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