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Nest Building Cooper's Hawk
Photographer: Dennis Jones
Location: Hummel Park, Plainfield, Indiana
I was so excited to see this beautiful Cooper's Hawk get down to some serious nest construction at my favorite birding park! He looked like a juvie, but evidently old enough to want a nest. I cannot tell male from female, but there was only one present. He or she was breaking branches off of nearby trees (with talons and beak!) and flying them back to the nest. I was able to observe for nearly an hour, and it was so awesome to watch the intensity he/she showed in gathering the nesting material. When there was trouble breaking branches from trees, he would go down to the ground and grab some fallen branches. Pretty smart! Alas, this nest was abandoned and no little hawks resulted from all this hard work.
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Camera Information: Nikon D5200, 55-200 Nikkor Lens
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