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Easter Owl, Great Gray Owl
Photographer: Alan Belford
Location: Tupper Lake, NY
During the winter of 2012-2013, Great Gray Owls moved south in large numbers into Southern Canada. I went into Quebec a few times to see and photograph them. On one trip my friend received a phone call that a Great Gray had been seen in Tupper Lake, just 25 minutes from home! The following morning - Easter morning - we were out watching the owl. Great Grays have a tendency to suddenly look at an observer as if it is just seeing the person for the first time even after the observer has been watching the owl for a long time. Such was the case in this photo. We stayed with the owl for most of the day showing many people the bird. Women in heels and pearls and men in their Easter suits paused from their church and family activities to look at the enormous owl. After all, it sure beat the Easter Bunny!
Digital Alterations: 
Camera Information: Sony Alpha 560, Sigma 300mm, 2.8 lens
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