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An Adorable Visitor
Photographer: Rory Sagner
Location: Rainier, WA
After a long absence from home due to the illness of a family member, I was sitting out on my porch enjoying my morning coffee when this fuzzy little one showed up to say hello. He was only about 10 feet away from me, and rather than being afraid of the sound of my camera shutter clicking, he cocked his head and looked at me with great curiousity. This is a juvenile Black-headed Grosbeak...and a bird I've never before seen in my yard. It was a very sweet visit and one that reminded me to enjoy every moment of life we are blessed with.
Digital Alterations: 
Levels adjustment, clarifying, very slight increase in saturation, cropping.
Camera Information: Canon T4i, 55-250mm IS STM lens.
Special Equipment: