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Photographer: Rory Sagner
Location: Rainier, WA
This lovely creature came to visit in June of 2013 and I was thrilled to have a few sweet moments of direct eye contact with her. At first she and my dog (barking her head off as she feels that is her job) squared off at the fenceline. The deer here are not afraid of my dog, in fact they like to come right up to their side of the fence and challenge her. On that day I put my dear doggy protectoress in the house so I could try to commune with, and hopefully photograph, this beautiful doe. When I came back out with my camera, she had waltzed off into the woods, but as I walked the perimeter of the fenceline, I spotted her in the woods munching happily on the tender foilage. I walked very slowly and quietly, but of course she knew I was there. Still, she did not seem put off by my presence and though continuing with her nibbling, she occasionally stopped, looked up, and gifted me with this beautiful penetrating gaze. She looked so beautiful there in the coolness of the damp forest, her element for sure, and I was grateful for the gift of her presence. In the midst of the chaos of recent months, she was a reminder to me (via Native American symbology), to remember the art of being gentle with myself and others, while overcoming challenges and obstacles.
Digital Alterations: 
Levels, clarifying.
Camera Information: Canon S5-IS
Special Equipment: