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An Unwavering Gaze
Photographer: Rory Sagner
Location: Rainier, WA
Another amazing visitor to my porch a few days ago. This little one stayed to commune with me for quite some time, unfazed by the nearness of my dog, or of myself as I walked back by him into the house to grab my camera, then back again to find the best angle for showing off his handsome, peaceful demeanor. He seemed to take it all in very calmly, meeting my gaze with such a penetrating and soulful look. I could not help but wonder about his perspective on life and as I contemplated, it was as if I absorbed a simple wisdom from this implacable being. What he told me was to savor each day anew, to look with fresh eyes at the wonders of this amazing world, even if it was only the small miracles that manifested on my own porch. He spoke of inner strength, calmness, and the peace that always comes from being an impartial and astute Observer, unburdened by the need to judge or condemn, so joyously free to embody love for all of life.
Digital Alterations: 
levels, noise reduction, slight saturation.
Camera Information: Canon S5-IS
Special Equipment: