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Solar Energy
Photographer: Rory Sagner
Location: Rainer, WA
This was another one of those funny experiences where although I found the scene utterly striking when I was there taking the photo, I did not really know all of what this photo revealed until I uploaded it to the computer. This was taken a few months ago, early in the evening, on my way home from seeing some property not far from where I live, but it was only recently that I noticed the wonderful juxtapositioning of the power lines and sunset. This fortuitous capture struck a deep chord, speaking to me of our great need to find a balance in this world, between Nature and technology. That the power lines appear to be running into the setting sun, was a reminder to me of just where our power actually comes from…and that while the gifts of technology are great, giving us the time to contemplate more than our basic survival, we need always remember that this should be a symbiotic relationship….not one that sacrifices the beauty and health of our planet at any cost. Without considering the cleanliness of our air and water, or how our actions (or the lack of them) are impacting the natural balance of this earth, indeed we won’t have a home which enables us to explore and develop new technologies.
Digital Alterations: 
Black and white conversion, levels, contrast.
Camera Information: Canon T4i, 18-135mm lens
Special Equipment: