The Incredible Hulk

  • Sure, his skin is green. But get him mad, and he smashes things to bits. Produces a lot of trash that’s not recycled.
Jolly Green Giant
  • Encourages people to eat vegetables--but many of his veggies are canned. (It requires lots of energy to can veggies and ship them to faraway places.)
  • You CAN recycle the cans, though.
  • Travels in a garlic carriage pulled by horses. (His “ride” is definitely not a gas guzzler. But horses do give off some methane gas when they digest food.)
  • Lives in a Certified Wildlife Habitat (swamp).
SpongeBob Squarepants
OK, he may be yellow on the outside, but...
  • He lives in a pineapple (eco-friendly house).
  • He’s helpful to wildlife. (His best buddies are a seastar and a squirrel.)
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