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The Bald Eagle

Part of our Endangered Species Series
The bald eagle was on the brink of extinction, but today, its recovery is a model for all wildlife. Take this course about a national success story.

Endangered Species Series

Series includes 16 courses
This series of courses will teach you about endangered and threatened species, the issues they face, and what’s being done to save them from extinction. There are also courses detailing specific species including the Florida panther, the chinook salmon and the whooping crane.

Creating Places for Wildlife

Series includes 7 courses
This series of courses will teach you how to attract a wide variety of wildlife to your backyard, to a schoolyard, or to an area in your community. Each course contains online presentations, downloadable study guides, and recommended activities.

Happenin' Habitats

This series is designed for formal and non-formal educators of grades 3-6. This universally designed course will teach educators how to create accessible Schoolyard Habitats® sites on their school or facility grounds.